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Design a Professinal Persona with LinkedIn

The following is a white paper submitted as the final assignment for TCN701: The Technical Communicator for Anna Parker-Richards.

The full PDF can be viewed here. <;


It is essential for technical communication students to develop a professionally-focused online persona that communicates their skills and experience to potential employers. Leveraging social networking services is an increasingly viable method to get ahead in the in job market, and research shows that more and more employers and recruiters prefer candidates with a visible online presence. Research also shows that employers are using these services both to find ideal candidates and weed out undesirables. Therefore, students must manage their online presence on all popular social networks, and maintain a professional outlook when posting content that reflects the reality that social media is an open book that is open to interpretation by all.

LinkedIn is a social network designed for professionals, and provides the tools to maintain a publicly-available profile that increases your chances of being noticed in the field. Signing up and duplicating your resume is not enough; to effectively communicate your professional persona, you must fully-optimize your LinkedIn profile to allow recruiters and employers to gain insight into what makes YOU the ideal candidate.

Take the following steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile and broadcast your professional persona to the world:

  • Detail all your relevant professional experience, taking care not to regurgitate language from your resume.
  • Design an effective professional headline that communicates your current job role and a value proposition or mission statement.
  • Upload a professional-looking headshot photo.
  • Write a summary that answers these questions:
    • What is it you want to be known for?
    • How do you want people to perceive you?
    • What makes you unique?
    • What problems have you solved in the workplace?
  • Ensure your summary also contains a list of specialties that make you a unique candidate.
  • Request recommendations from people you have worked with, and write recommendations for them as well.
  • Aim for 100% profile completeness.