Documentation Plan: Seniors-On-Skype Pilot Program

“Skype: Staying in Touch Has Never Been Easier”

For many seniors, staying in touch with family and friends, especially those far from home, is an absolute must. Technology has made long distance communication easier than it has ever been; yet, for those of a generation that did not grow up with it, modern technology can also be frightening and opaque. Enter Skype, a world leader in online video telephony and messaging. Today we are proud to be taking the first steps towards what we hope will be the new normal: a world where seniors are empowered by technology rather than discouraged by it, connected by it rather than isolated.

By demonstrating the ease with which Skype’s simple yet powerful suite of tools allow friends and family to stay in touch, we hope to improve Skype brand awareness and create mind share amongst seniors, an underserved yet affluent community. When seniors wish to reach out, our hope is that they will reach first for Skype. The results of this project will be used to assess the profitability of similar future projects across North America…

[see attached .docx file for the completed documentation plan]

Note: this work is a group project completed by Nikki Gentles, Seth Irvine, and Paul Hillier. The above excerpt was written by Seth.
TCN701 Documentation Plan [draft] 10.23.2011

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